FREE Literature Activity Choice Board Literature Activity Choice Board: (3rd-5th)

This ready-made literature choice board is ideal for use with any novel used in the 3rd-5th grade classroom. It includes 9 activities that students can complete. Great for early finishers, independent work, centers, or homework.






Digging for Prime Number Treasure Center ThumbnailMath Center Game: Digging for Prime Number Treasure

This is a pirate themed math center game! Focuses on students identifying prime and composite numbers. This game is great for math centers, math workshop, or early finishers! It is one of the ten math center games in a product called Math Center Games Packet for School or Home (4th Grade).

Double Negative Task Cards PintrestDouble Negative Task Cards (3rd-5th)

This is a set of 18 task cards! Each card has a sentence that contains a double negative for the students to correct. Great for early finishers, centers or small groups, playing Scoot, or as a review!


Charts for Organizing Common Core Teaching MaterialsCharts for Organizing Common Core Teaching Materials (K-12)

This freebie contains two different kinds of charts for organizing all your teaching materials for the Common Core. Just print out whichever chart you would like to use and attach it to the inside of a file folder. Record any books, manipulatives,                                             technology, or games you can                                                  use for teaching that particular                                                 standard.

Bouquet of Birthday Flowers Pintrest

Bouquet of Birthday Flowers

These are an adorable way to keep up with your students’ birthdays! Simply attach the flower cut-outs to the end of a pencil, creating a bouquet of flowers- ready for your students’ birthdays throughout the year! There is also homework passes included for the back of the flower.

Math Multiplication Square Puzzle Free NinesMultiplication Madness: Square Puzzles for Basic Fact Practice (9’s Puzzle) 

This is a fun and simple game puzzle. Simply print and cut out the pieces. Students will have to use their basic fact knowledge of the nines multiplication tables to put the puzzle back together again. This fun game can be played over and over again and would be great for early finishers or for a math center! The puzzles for the other times tables are available in the product Multiplication Madness: Square Puzzles for Basic Fact Practice. The puzzles for practicing basic division facts are available in the product Division Madness: Square Puzzles for Basic Fact Practice.

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