• Hi Aly! I have 22 in one class and 13 in another. We can do this no matter how many students we have in our classes. While it is easier to do math workshop with smaller groups of students, almost everything we teachers need to teach or do with our students is easier to do with less students, no? But that’s our super power. We do in a classroom full of kids what some parents with two children can’t do! Math Workshop, here we come!

  1. Great post! I’d like to read the three other habits of highly effective math workshops. Where can I find them? I am only able to see up to four. Also, the cookie sheet is cute and creative! Thank you for sharing! I’ve always utilized centers or small groups in my class, but I want…need to do them now more than ever, or I am going to lose my students. Whole group instruction is not for them. Your tips are very helpful!

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