1. It’s so important that the kids know the teacher’s expectations. Thanks for this post. I’m wondering: how do you get your students to be QUIET enough so you can work with your small groups? Mine are independent and not talking during LA Daily 5 (in fact, I’ve had other teachers bring their whole classes in to see how quiet they are!), but when we switch to Math they get louder and louder. I’ve tried umpteen ways to try to settle them down. Any suggestions?
    Always Primary

    • Honestly my best advice would be #6 on the list of tips above. I have found that kids not knowing if I am going to choose a group or an individual keeps them motivated. I have also heard of teachers naming a certain behavior (ie. on task the entire time) and then at the end of the period drawing a name of a student from a jar. If the student displayed the trait they get rewarded, and if not the kids never know who it was and the name goes back in the jar. I hope some of these help! Good luck this year!

  2. It is so important to be specific about expectations. I love your idea to include pictures of what to do for younger students. I have trouble with kids getting off task and getting too loud during Math center time. Funny because I do Daily 5 during LA time and they’re models of “quiet”. I’ve tried umpteen things to remedy this, but can’t get them to buy in (this was for 2 years of classes in a row!). Any suggestions?
    Always Primary

  3. Billi

    Love this post. I used to do math workshop and found it so rewarding, both for me and my students. I’m diving into it again at my new school, so it’s a lot to remember, and to learn (new to MYP) so your website is super helpful. I also use the secret student method, along with guided directions :I want to help you be successful and I’ve not been able to call on you/your group for secret student. How can I help you/your group accomplish the expectations of…whatever those are.
    Any advice for me on students who think they are ‘above’ this kind of thing? I.E. so smart they don’t need to do the activities (baby stuff) or tasks? I do have challenging activities, that they can choose from, and a technology station if they choose to go online, but I still have a few students in my 7th grade math I can’t get engaged. It is only the start of the year for me, but I am anticipating more of this from them…

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